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Css para moviles y pantallas – Creativos Frikifree


Diseño y Programación
febrero 2015

Css para moviles y pantallas

Crear css particulares para los moviles o para diferentes resoluciones de pantallas


@media screen and (max-width: 300px){
            background-color: lightblue;

Reglas para @media –> w3schools

all Used for all media type devices
aural Deprecated. Used for speech and sound synthesizers
braille Deprecated. Used for braille tactile feedback devices
embossed Deprecated. Used for paged braille printers
handheld Deprecated. Used for small or handheld devices
print Used for printers
projection Deprecated. Used for projected presentations, like slides
screen Used for computer screens, tablets, smart-phones etc.
speech Used for screenreaders that “reads” the page out loud
tty Deprecated. Used for media using a fixed-pitch character grid, like teletypes and terminals
tv Deprecated. Used for television-type devices
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